WAEC History Past Questions and Answers


WAEC History past questions and answers are now available for download in PDF format. See how to access WAEC History past questions that will help boost your score and your overall performance in the 2024 WAEC History examination below.

WAEC History exam past questions and answers are provided here for download. All you have to do is to scroll through each of the questions. Scroll down to download the free WAEC History past questions and answers 2024.

WAEC Past Questions for History

This web page was created for the purpose of helping all prospective undergraduate students who are searching for WAEC History past questions Objective and Essay for preparation.

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The History WAEC past questions will help you to know the nature and pattern of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Examination. These materials will give you insight and prepares you for what to expect during the examination.


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Download the WASSCE History past questions in PDF format below.

WAEC History Past Questions and Answers

1. Highlight any five reasons for the need to make the study of West African history compulsory in Nigerian schools

2. Outline any five benefits Nigeria has enjoyed as a member of the United Nations Organization (UN/UNO).


3. Highlight any five factors that contributed to the decline of the Benin Empire in the 19th century.

4. State any five reasons for the Amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914.

5. In what five ways can the pre-colonial history of Nigeria be reconstructed?

6. Highlight any five negative effects of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on Nigeria.

7. Explain any five features of the economy of the Igala people in pre-colonial period.

8. a. Mention any three city states of the Niger  Delta that had trade links with the Europeans.
b. Highlight any four roles played by King Jaja of Opobo in the commercial activities of the Niger Delta.

9. (a). List any three articles of trade exported to  North Africa from Western Sudan during the trans-Saharan trade. (b). Highlight any four factors that contributed to the decline of the trans-Saharan trade.

10. (a). List any three nationalists in Nigeria from 1922 to 1960. (b). State any four factors that led to the formation of nationalist movements in Nigeria.


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