20 Highest Paying Medical Jobs in 2024


Are you considering a career in the medical field, but unsure of where to begin or what kind of work would suit you best? If yes then this article is for you.

Working as a medical practitioner has proven to be one of the most helpful career jobs all over the world.  The medical field entails many other fulfilling occupations, offering financial security as a significant advantage.

It’s imperative to weigh your options and make the right and well-informed decision if you want to pursue a lucrative career in the medical field.

The medical field continues to experience rapid employment growth due to the interest of a large number of persons who wish to earn high incomes.

In this case, this article will educate you on the basic requirements, remunerations as well as employment opportunities for the 20 highest-paid medical jobs in 2024. Again, it is of great essence to note the advantages of securing a job in the medical field to help in your decision-making process.


Advantages of Choosing Medical Field Jobs

Pursuing medical field jobs is appealing to individuals who desire a fulfilling and rewarding profession. While financial benefits are certainly a motivating factor, there are several other reasons why people choose the medical field. Some of the reasons are;

1. Great Benefit Packages.

Extensive benefit packages are an advantage of selecting positions in the medical field. These can include vital rewards like life, health, and dental insurance as well as ample paid time off, guaranteeing that medical professionals are well-cared for and enjoy more stability and a healthy work-life balance.

2. Intrinsic Rewards.

Choosing a medical field job offers intrinsic rewards for individuals driven by the satisfaction and pride of positively impacting others’ lives. The tireless dedication of healthcare professionals in supporting individuals’ health and wellness not only motivates them but also provides a sense of fulfillment in their actions, knowing they are contributing to saving and prolonging lives through medicine and healthcare.

3. Job Security

Individuals looking to enter this field can experience 13% employment growth from 2021 to 2031, resulting in 1.9 million openings yearly from growth and replacement needs (US BLS, 2022).

When it has to do with job security, the healthcare industry strives to provide individuals with a stable and well-secure job offer.


4. Various Growth and Specialization Options

Graduates can choose a career path that suits their interests and skill set from a wide range of work sectors and specializations, which enables them to learn about particular advantages in the field of choice. Also, individuals of all educational and experience levels can find employment in the medical field due to its large range of job opportunities.

20 Highest Paying Medical Jobs in 2024

1. Clinical Informatics Manager: $103,706 per Year | $39.40 per Hour

Clinical informatics management has proven to be one of the highest-paying medical careers with so many technical responsibilities.

The clinical information program of a healthcare institution is planned, coordinated, and run by IT and medical specialists. It is a computerized system that gathers, arranges, and saves patient health data. The responsibility of clinical information also entails often keeping track of other crucial data to enhance the delivery of healthcare.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is one of the prerequisites for the position of clinical informatics manager in any medical field.

Many managers in the field of clinical informatics possess extensive experience in addition to their official education. They may have previously held clinical positions in a healthcare facility or worked in medical administration.

2. Nurse Practitioner: $121,610 per Year | $58.47 per Hour

Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with a broader scope of practice than normal RNs are known as nurse practitioners (NPs). They handle a wide range of patient health issues.

The basic requirements needed to become a nurse practitioner include earning a registered nursing license, passing the NCLEX, and completing an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are employed in every hospital setting, which includes emergency rooms, critical care units, inpatient and outpatient surgical units, and other specialty floor units. NPs are employed by physician offices, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and community clinics. They can even manage their practices in states where they have complete practice power.

3. Optometrist: $125,590 per Year | $60.38 per Hour

Aside from prescribing glasses and contact lenses as necessary, an optometrist is a medical specialist in eye health. Also, they diagnose and treat illnesses, traumas, and other problems with the visual system.

To become an optometrist, one has to graduate with an undergraduate degree and then four years of optometry school to earn a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree.

Private optometry offices are where optometrists are most frequently employed. Nevertheless, outpatient clinics, retail establishments, and physician offices also employ them.

4.  Home health aide National average salary: $14.52 per hour

The primary duties of a home health aide are to assist clients in running activities of daily life, check their client’s vital signs, or give them medication. Many of their clients are elderly persons, disabled, or chronically ill.

5. Veterinarian: $103,260 per Year | $49.64 per Hour

mong the highest-paying medical jobs, veterinarians specialize in animals’ medical health and well-being.

The most common type of veterinarian treats animals for illness, disease, and injury in a similar way that human physicians do. However, like MDs, vets can also specialize. Some veterinary specialties include dentistry, surgery, and anesthesiology.

6. Physical Therapist: $97,720 per Year | $46.98 per Hour

Licensed medical practitioners who treat and assist patients in managing musculoskeletal ailments and injuries are known as physical therapists (PTs). To help patients restore as much mobility as possible, they work one-on-one with them to control discomfort and increase their range of motion.

7. Occupational Therapist: $93,180 per Year | $44.80 per Hour

Personnel in this field are vested with the responsibility of customizing treatment plans in other to help injured or ill patients perform tasks like completing activities of daily living. They strive to assist patients to live independently or develop skills to help them live better with their disabilities

8. Radiation Therapist: $89,530 per Year | $43.04 per Hour

An allied health specialist known as a radiation therapist (RT) uses radiation therapy to treat cancer patients or lessen the symptoms of disease. They collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of nurses, oncologists, and other medical experts.

9. Speech-Language Pathologist: $84,140 per Year | $40.45 per Hour

A speech-language pathologist is a medical practitioner who helps patients with speech and swallowing disorders. To help patients communicate better and make speech sounds more natural, they also examine, diagnose, and cure them.

10.  Dental Hygienist: $81,400 per Year | $39.14 per Hour

When it comes to maintaining a patient’s oral health, a dental hygienist works alongside a dentist. In addition to doing x-rays, cleaning teeth, providing fluoride treatments, removing calculus and plaque, giving topical anesthetic, teaching patients about good oral hygiene, and helping with office administration, dental hygienists also provide patient screening services.

11. Pharmacist: $132,750 per Year | $63.82 per Hour

They are healthcare specialist who specializes in administering the right dose of medication to patients as well as pharmaceutical management.

12. Chief Nursing Officer: $140,763 per Year | $63.43 per Hour

The highest-ranking registered nurse management role in a hospital or other medical facility is called chief nursing officer (CNO). In addition to managing workers and maintaining patient safety, this role is in charge of the nursing staff’s policies and procedures.

13. Podiatrist: $148,720 per Year | $71.50 per Hour

Health conditions that have to do with the foot, ankle, and sometimes related parts of the lower leg are the sole responsibilities of a surgeon who is also called a podiatrist.

14. Dentist: $159,530 per Year | $76.70 per Hour

These medical professionals specialize in treating teeth and diagnosing various oral conditions.

15. Pediatrician: $190,350 per Year | $91.51 per Hour

Pediatricians are among the highest-paying medical careers. They work primarily with children up to 18-20 years old. They also assess, diagnose, and treat illness and disease and give their patients preventative care from infancy until adulthood.

16. Physician Assistant: $126,010 per Year | $60.58 per Hour

A physician assistant (PA) is a licensed medical professional who works under the supervision of a physician. They treat patients with an array of illnesses, wounds, and other medical issues using the same medical model as medical practitioners.

17. Nurse Midwife: $120,880 per Year | $58.12 per Hour

Nurse-midwives are best known for assisting women through pregnancy and childbirth. They can also provide women with medical treatment at other stages of life, including diagnosing and treating illnesses, conducting health examinations, and writing prescriptions.

18. Manager of Medical or Health Services: $104,830 annually | $50.40 hourly

Medical and health services managers also referred to as healthcare managers, are in charge of managing the clinical and administrative procedures in a medical facility or unit. They oversee facilities like nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and hospital floors.

19. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: $203,090 per Year | $97.64 per Hour

Advanced practice registered nurses who provide anesthesia to patients during surgery or other medical operations are known as Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists or CRNAs.

20. Anesthesiologist: $302,970 per Year | $145.66 per Hour

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who administer pain-management anesthesia and analgesics to patients during surgery or other medical procedures.


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