WAEC Physics Practical Specimen 2024 For School Candidates


Answers to WAEC Physics practical specimen 2024. WAEC Physics specimen for practical 2024/2025 with complete solutions. See the 2024 WAEC Physics practical specimen answers Alternative A and Alternative B that will help boost your score and your overall performance in Physics Practical 2024 below.

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WAEC Physics Practical Specimen 2024 With Solution

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Complete Physics Specimen for WAEC 2024 – Apparatus

-Metre rule
-Knife edge
-A piece of string
-A weighing balance
-A weight hanger
– A set of masses, M = (20g, 40g, 60g, 80g and 100g)

-Deep transparent vessel filled with water
-Vernier calipers
-Standand Masses, m = (2g, 5g and 10g)
-A piece of string
-Forceps (To be used to pick masses placed inside the boiling tube)
-Source of heating

Additional Information:
(a) Test tube or boiling tube of the following dimensions:
Length: at least 14cm
External diameter: 2.5cm

The teacher should:
(b) Use starch to fix a strip of graph sheet marked in centimeters inside the boiling tube or test tube. The 0 centimeter mark of the scale should be at the bottom of the tube.

(c) Place a sufficient amount of dry sand or lead shot in the test tube or boiling tube to make it just float, when that is done, pour it into a small polythene and seal it. Push the sealed sand or lead shot to the bottom of the tube.


-2 dry cells(1.5v each) connected in series;
-Connecting leads should be provided for the battery
-Ammeter(0 – 2A)
-Standard resistor, R of resistance 2ohms

WAEC Physics Practical Specimen Answers 2024

You will be expected to carry out an experiment and report your observation during the practical examination. The questions will be set based on the WAEC Physics specimen 2024.

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