WAEC Mathematics Past Questions and Answers


WAEC Mathematics past questions and answers are now available for download in PDF format. See how to access WAEC Maths past questions that will help boost your score and your overall performance in the 2024 WAEC Mathematics examination below.

WAEC Mathematics exam past questions and answers are provided here for download. All you have to do is to scroll through each of the questions. Scroll down to download the free WAEC Mathematics past questions and answers 2024.

WAEC Past Questions for Mathematics

This web page was created for the purpose of helping all prospective undergraduate students who are searching for WAEC Mathematics past questions Objective and Theory for preparation.

If you are one of them, then we have uploaded up-to-date WASSCE Mathematics past questions to help you during your preparation. So if you have been searching for WAEC past questions and answers for Mathematics, then you are on the right page.

The General Maths WAEC past questions will help you to know the nature and pattern of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Examination. These materials will give you insight and prepares you for what to expect during the examination.


Our earnest desire is that you score higher in the upcoming West African Senior School Certificate Examination for prospective undergraduates. That’s why we have uploaded the WAEC past Mathematics questions and answers for your preparation.

All you have to do is to set aside time each day for your preparation in order to have a distinction or at least a credit pass. Remember, preparation is key to success.

Download the WASSCE Mathematics past questions in PDF format below.

WAEC Mathematics Past Questions and Answers

1. Find the 8th term of the A.P -3, -1, 1 ……

  • A. 13
  • B. 11
  • C. -8
  • D. -11
  • E. -17

2. If the 2nd and 5th terms of a G.P are 6 and 48 respectively, find the sum of the first for term

  • A. -45
  • B. -15
  • C. 15
  • D. 33
  • E. 45

3. If cos 60° = 1/2, which of the following angle has cosine of -1/2?

  • A. 30o
  • B. 120o
  • C. 150o
  • D. 210o
  • E. 300o

4. A trader made a loss of 15% when an article was sold. Find the ratio of the selling price : cost price

  • A. 3:20
  • B. 3:17
  • C. 17:20
  • D. 20:23

5. A local community has two newspapers: the morning tomes and the evening dispatch. The morning times is read by 45% of the households.  The Evening Dispatch is read by 60% of the households.  Twenty percent of the households read both papers.  What is the probability that a particular household reads at least one paper?

  • A. 0.45
  • B. 0.65
  • C. 0.85
  • D. 0.95

6. The mean of two numbers x and y is 4. Find the mean of four numbers x, 2x, y and 2y

  • A. 2
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 8

7. If the equations x22 – 5x + 6 = 0 and x + px + 6 = 0 have the same roots, find the value of p.

  • A. 5
  • B. 6
  • C. -5
  • D. -6

8. The lengths of the parallel sides of a trapezium are 9cm and 12cm. If the area of the trapezium is 105cm, find the perpendicular distance between the parallel sides.

  • A. 5cm
  • B. 7cm
  • C. 10cm
  • D. 15cm

9. The mean of a set of 10 numbers is 56. If the mean of the first nine numbers is 55, find the 10th number.

  • A. 75
  • B. 65
  • C. 55
  • D. 45

10. In the diagram, triangle MNR is inscribed in circle MNR and line PQ is a straight line. ∠MRN = 41 and = 141, find ∠QNR

  • A. 39º
  • B. 80º
  • C. 110º
  • D. 141º

11. Given that sin (5x-28)° = cos (3x-50)”, 0°≤ x ≤ 90°, find the value of x.

  • A. 39
  • B. 32
  • B. 21
  • D. 14

12. A boy 14 m tall, stood 10m away from a tree of height 12 m. Calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle of elevation of the top of the tree from the boy’s eye

  • A. 70º
  • B. 47º
  • C. 19º
  • D. 8º

13. A ladder 6m long leans against a vertical wall at an angle 53º to the horizontal. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?

  • A. 3.611m
  • B. 4.521m
  • C. 4.792m
  • D. 3.962m

14. An exterior angle of a regular polygon is 22.5°. Find the number of sides.

  • A. 13
  • B. 14
  • C. 15
  • D. 16

15. Mary has $ 3.00 more than Ben but $ 5.00 less than Jane. If Mary has $ x, how much does Jane and Ben have altogether?

  • A. $(2x-8)
  • B. $(2x+8)
  • C. $(2x-2)
  • D. $(2x+2)

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