Top Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria


Looking for a list of the top health insurance companies in Nigeria? If so, then below are the best health insurance companies to consider.

Since we live in an environment where the majority of our choices have an impact on our health, it is always advisable to get health insurance.

You are already aware of Nigeria’s current healthcare situation. Let’s imagine, for example, that you need to do surgery as quickly as possible. Consider not having enough money to cover the cost of the procedure. This is a compelling reason to obtain health insurance.

In this article, we have provided a list of the best companies to get health insurance in Nigeria. By selecting any of these health insurance companies, you can be certain that you made the correct decision. Without further ado, below are the best health insurance companies in Nigeria.

Top Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

1. AXA Mansard


AXA Mansard is one of the top companies in Nigeria that offers various types of health insurance. They have extensive access to nearly four hundred healthcare practitioners across Nigeria. They include hospitals, eye clinics, and dental clinics. Additionally, they provide HMO plans and private insurance for families.

2. Hygeia Health Insurance

One of Nigeria’s most reputable private health insurance providers is Hygeia HMO. They provide a variety of options, including SME, Family, Individual, Pregnant Women, Senior, and Gym and Spa.

3. HCI Health Insurance

HCI Healthcare is licensed by the National Health Insurance Scheme. Different classes of Nigerians can access their high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare services. HCI health insurance cover:

  • Informal Sector Health Insurance Plan: This plan addresses the health needs of sectors such as artisans, markets, clubs, associations, and communities.
  • Corporate Health Insurance Plan: This plan is intended for workers in small to large firms.
  • International Health Insurance Plan: In more than 100 locations worldwide, this health insurance plan provides coverage for both non-emergency and emergency situations.
  • Retail Health Insurance Plan: This includes people and families who need access to high-quality healthcare services at a reasonable cost.
  • Senior Citizens Health Insurance Plan:
  • School Health Insurance Plan: This addresses the health requirements of students at all academic levels.

4. LeadWay Health Insurance

Leadway’s health insurance program is managed by an affiliated business called Total Health Trust Limited. Platinum, Gold, and Silver are the three alternatives they provide.

5. Clearline Health Insurance

They provide healthcare plans to the public sector, individuals, groups, and companies. In Nigeria, the firm provides a variety of health insurance plans. These are:

  • Individual Health Plan: This applies to people who have no pre-existing medical issues.
  • Family Health Plan: Beneficiaries of this plan can seek medical attention from any of their preferred providers in the country.
  • Corporate Health Plan: This plan for corporate employees covers medical and common ailments procedures.

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